Welcome  to  the  Paradigm  Shifters  Group


A Paradigm is a method, process, or belief that often prevents, people, organizations, or cultures from dynamic thinking.

Paradigms are incremental steps of improvements that bring about change in conditions.


Shifting Paradigms often takes years, decades, or generations.


Shifting Paradigms involve trying new things and expanding visions.


 Shifting Paradigms often requires numerous attempts to accomplish what was thought to be impossible.


Shifting Paradigms requires change based upon skill, knowledge, motivation, and belief.


Paradigm Shifters are creative, persistent, and risk takers.


The key to implementing Paradigm Shifts isn’t always revolutionary but most often evolutionary.


Paradigm Shifters face opposition from people that are content with the way things are.


Paradigm Shifters surround themselves with people that share experience and goals.


The best way to Shift a Paradigm is to find people that have a record of success and follow their lead.



This site is about showing people how to Shift Paradigms.